A Peek Into My Dark Dark Mind

Scanned Kenny's Cafe Corner with a blog rating engine based on my last 1000 posts and this is what I got:

Online Dating

Mingle2 - Online Dating

This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:

* sex (46x)
* dead (21x)
* shit (18x)
* hell (14x)
* hurt (13x)
* death (11x)
* sexy (7x)
* crap (6x)
* porn (5x)
* fucking (4x)
* bastards (3x)
* slap (2x)
* slutty (1x)

I scare myself sometimes but the high occurance of the word 'sex' on this blog shouldn't come as a surprise. What did i tell ya folks? I think of it every six seconds! :p

Next most frequent is 'dead' and it made perfect sense for me too. After all, sex and death are both intertwined and related. One being the enabler of new life and the other, the end of it!

Of course, when you try this rating system on your blog, be sure to enter the format http://your_blog_URL_here>/search?max-results=1000
or the algorithm will evaluate based on your current page only.
And based on that, my blog got a G rating...for general audiences! Which means, it's my habit to sucker punch readers with a family friendly format and content until you read my blog long enough to realize I'm really quite a CREEP! Haha!
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