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The first Star Wars movie. My first love with the movies.

I totally agree with the reasons why the Han Solo stormtrooper chase scene was spoiled in the Special Edition. It was so much funnier making fun of the stormtroopers' IQ than to think they turned around to face Solo only because they have an even larger number...coz they *already* outnumber him!

I've noted that this humor device was re-cycled in Indiana Jones & The Temple of Doom. When the audience saw our intrepid hero chase a small group of bad guys round a bend only to see him running back being chased by lots of bad guys.

At number 6 on the list is the Dianoga and I'm ashamed to admit I'm geeky enough to even know what the monster looks like under water! (hint, Mr. Lucas based it on one of those deep ocean creatures with fangs)

When I first saw this movie I was completely creeped out by the garbage compactor scene. How could you stick your feet in waters, know that some garbage eating monster is in there and you are the garbage? The scene is so tense because it's bad enough our heroes were under one peril when another more *pressing* peril appears when the walls start closing in! After all, it's called the garbage compactor!

Number 7 on the list was the first time cinema goers actually saw a lightsaber duel. Back then it was the shits!! Laser swords...wow! It would slice through anything easily. Though re-watching A New Hope years later we realize how silly this duel seems, it's still charming for me because of this line:

"You can't win, Darth. If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine."
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