Wild Hogs - Funny Road Movie
Saw this movie during the weekend with my buddies. It was so hilarious the chick sitting next to me laughed till she leaned on me! Of course, she later apologized and quickly slid back to her boyfriend's side!

Weekend Warriors
Finally got around to playing paintball with the Foo brothers, Gary and Mikey on Saturday morning. We went to TT Park in Subang Jaya for a game of Last Man Standing and frankly, we got 0wn3d!

Though Alan and I played paintball before, we were mostly a bunch of frackin n00bs to be p8wned by our veteran opponents! The only winning game I played was against another newbie team. Splattering two newbies was rather sweet!

Overall, I thought the games to be too short and spent most of the time off-fieldwaiting for our markers to be re-gassed etc. This is compared with the mostly scenario games I played at the Bukit Tinggi Golf Resort. Those latter games were much more newbie friendly because the rules allowed each player to have more than one 'life'.

Which means, after being splattered, the player has to be out of the game but can re-join the game after a set number of minutes.

Still, playing with experienced serious tournament paintball players is quite an educational ordeal. I'm afraid I'm hooked into this sport! Aaargh! Of all the sports to be addicted to it has to be an expensive one such as paintball!

Rock-a-bye Baby
Finally got to see my niece Elaine last Saturday. She just dozed off to sleep when I arrived at my sister's house.

What a small little reddish thing! And I forgot how soft a baby can be. Everything about her is soft...the hair, the shiny flattened nose, the meatball cheeks and those wormy toes and kicking feet!

Unfortunately, she never woke up in time for me to photograph her with her eyes open.
So in the meantime, here are a few blurry photos of this new 'celebrity' in the family. (I daren't use the camera flash at all!)

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