Video Ga Ga!

Alright, I decided to go crazy so I'm gonna post a string of music videos to be found on Youtube!
Just to record for posterity what I'm listening to right now and why I like the music.

Katharine McPhee - Over It
First up is American Idol reject- um - i mean runner-up, Katharine McPhee. 'Over It' is an 'over'-polished song complete with a catchy chorus that will leave you humming it after the first listen. It's not bad as far as singles go but I made the mistake of going out and buying Ms. McPhee's CD only to discover that 90 percent of it are filler tracks. These are the usual mediocre R&B and hip-hop music that makes you click on the Next Track button after a few seconds in.

Her best are actually the softer tracks 'Ordinary World' and 'Better Off Alone' even though I don't know why 'My Destiny' is so popular among her fans. The way she sang
that song in American Idol Season 5 was atrocious, ie. horrible off-pitching and sounding meek at the climax.

Nevertheless, her rendition of 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' is still the best I've heard in modern times.

Furthermore, Katharine McPhee is *very* easy on the eyes and in this video she makes a softcore porno for her ex-boyfriend. Sex sells...and I predict she will sell enough records to live very comfortably provided her record company doesn't screw her over and she doesn't blow it all on cosmetics.

Radiohead - Just
Coldplay is the pussier version of Radiohead, and Keane is a pussier version of Coldplay. Therefore, as much as I like Coldplay and Keane, there's no denying these
two bands just play pussy music!! LOL! THAT's a rock band! They're the real thing and mighty original to boot too!
Please turn up the volume whenever you listen to Radiohead. The thought of annoying
the hell out of your neighbours to the point of suicide is just...delightful! *wicked grin*

James Morrison - You Give Me Something
I'm absolutely positively truly in love with this James Morrison song! If love is this bubble-gummy sweet then I'd cry to be this captivated!
So what if it only captures the intoxicating part of being in love? Nothing's wrong with that...nothing's wrong.

I had the choice of linking to the the UK music video version of this song, the live recording during a Dutch radio show and the US version. I chose the live recording just to show it sounds good performed live too. This kid's got talent!

However, do check out the UK music video, simply because it's full of hot chicks!
The best thing about James is all his other songs are pretty damn good also.

Natasha Bedingfield - Unwritten
Daniel Bedingfield's kid sister sings good songs. Too bad she's too under-rated. Natasha Bedingfield's songs are mostly about singlehood aimed at single people.

In this scene full of dull R&B, over-sexed hip-hop and dumb gangsta rapping, the topic of singlehood and loving one-self first is exceedingly rare! My hats off to ya sista!

Jason Mraz - You and I Both
This is long time due, so here's my highlighting of Jason Mraz's music. I especially like this video since it reminds me of the opening dance sequence to the Drew Carey show. Now that is one sick and twistedly funny tv show!

I like Jason Mraz's music because it takes a certain level of smarts to be able to write lyrics that are witty and rhythmically pleasing to the ear.
Couple that with a wry sense of humor and you have genius that will be as misunderstood as Gilmore Girls or Beethoven.

Jason's videos are usually self-deprecating but who doesn't like the underdog? Life is way more interesting as the underdog anyway.

Lisa Loeb - Someone You Should Know
I'm a long time fan of Lisa Loeb. Her lyrics are touching and delicate, delivered with the cutest girly voice! One could only hope all nerdy chicks are as hot and sexy as she is!

FYI : There's no embedded video here, just click on the link above.

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