On Dream Coincidences

Dreamt of meeting a girl on a bus last night. Her name was Wan Li and she's from Malacca. Woke up and immediately googled "Wan Li Malacca".

Turns out it's a shipwreck off the coast of Terengganu containing Chinese treasures. It was a Portuguese ship bound for the ancient Malaccan port when it was sunk by the Dutch privateers.

Wow...how did this happen? Maybe i read of this shipwreck sometime ago and forgot about it? Maybe my brain was trying to 'dump' this memory out?

Or am i supposed to do something about this shipwreck?


On Long Hair

I was in Low Yat with my buddies Alan and Jacky...

Me: I don't like guys with long hair.

Alan: Why?

Me: They confuse me! I see one and i think, "is that a guy or a gal?" And "why is that guy prettier than the gal sitting next to him?!"

Alan: That's not the guy's problem isn't it? It's the girl's problem!

Me: I still don't like guys with long hair. Guys shouldn't have long hair!

On Sex and Abstinence

Girls, if a guy truly wants a relationship, he won't be seducing you or pressuring you into having sex. Furthermore, even if he isn't sure if he loves you, at least he wants to love you, he will totally respect your wishes not to give it away so soon.

If you're the initiator, just play safe and know what you're getting into. It's totally possible he won't call you or see you anymore afterwards.

Personally, I would avoid pre-marital sex...it might or might not complicate things even though I can't imagine myself feeling too guilty about it afterwards!
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