I Love Musicals

2007 was a great year for movie musicals! Let's see, there's the Hairspray remake, Chicago (ok, not 2007 but i saw the live production), Ma Ma Mia!, Sweeney Todd Demon Barber of Fleet Street and Across The Universe.

I'm addicted to Across The Universe right now and it does have a special place in my heart because it features purely music by The Beatles! YEAH!

It's basically about lovers and friends stringing all the great Beatles songs together in a story set in the 60s. The covers of such familiar songs however are fresh and contemporary. Good singing and choreography delivers on what is great about the Beatles...celebrations of joy, friendship, love and yet reminding us of the pains and sufferings of life.

Here's a trailer of the movie:

And this is the best quality Youtube vid of one of many beautiful songs from the movie. If only there's a video clip of this song from the movie. (The rest I found don't do justice to how amazing this part of the movie is for me).

Some information, the song is I Wanna Hold Your Hand and it's sung by a character named Prudence. The actress playing her is T.V. Carpio and she's really pretty. Her superlative voice control is impressive! Too bad the character Prudence is lesbian...d'oh!

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