Weekend Warriors - Part Deux

I've been looking forward to the 2nd of June last Saturday for a whole month now. That is the day my buddies and I go playing paintball again. It was worth every penny of it! This was my funnest paintball weekend so far. (I know 'funnest' isn't a word but dammit! It should be!)

This time Michelle introduced me to her college pals Jason and Rachel. As my luck would have it, they're looking for people to join them colleagues at a game of paintball in the outskirts of Kuang town.

This is quite a drive away from the heart of Kay Elle and despite my insisting everyone met up on time, we were still half an hour late to the paintball place. We had to wait for Alan to take his morning crapper. Damn Alan's butt! :-p

On our drive there, we saw some guy skateboarding to somewhere. As we passed him, Alan commented that it's rather silly to skateboard on a busy road. That's when the guy stumbled and nearly fell. His board kept going and it was right beside our car. A guy running after his skateboard is a hilarious sight indeed!

Soon we met up with the rest of the 40+ people, mostly Rachel's colleagues, at the Mudtrekker paintball field.

First off we played the 'Jungle' scenario. This was a Capture-The-Flag game in the woods offering the closest a civilian can get to experiencing jungle warfare first hand. My team lost badly!

I was hoping to flank the left-side of the opponent's base when I got pinned down by enemy fire. Jacky was providing suppressing fire behind me while I crawled my way to cover. Unfortunately, I got tagged right at the top of my head before I could retreat.

After the first game, the girls in our group didn't want to play Jungle scenarios anymore complaining of mosquitos and mud. My gang thought, "but mud and mosquitos are fun!"

So from then on, we played mostly Urban games among brick walls, rubber tyres and zinc huts. Jacky and I are on Team 1. And we're the best! We played about 5 urban scenarios and only lost once.

The game we lost was played with assault & defend rules. One team defends, the other attacks. The defenders win by outlasting 5 minutes and the assaulting team wins by eliminating every defender within that period.

The marshalls made it tough for us defenders by limiting our boundaries to only the scant few bunkers near our flag base.

I chose to stay behind a really small brick wall which provided cover only to my left and straight ahead. Had to rely on Jacky and another team mate to cover my right but unfortunately they were eliminated too soon, so as I concentrated on shooting Jason on my left, whom I took out eventually, I got shot in the right arm. Now that hurt! Just look at the last paintball photo below for the really dark bruise!

One game which I really enjoyed was the 'Militia' type of game. I call it Militia because it reminded me of the map in PC game Counterstrike, in which one team defends a house while the other assaults.

In this game, I was in one of the two houses and we have 7 minutes to 'survive' the onslaught. I had fun planning the tactical angles to cover in our house and told each of our teammates which window to cover and what to expect / watch out for. Jacky, Anthony, Jason and Carmen were in the same house. I just covered the front door and planned to take over from whoever got tagged or ran out of ammo. I could sense Carmen was rather restless and didn't like being ordered around! Haha, no hard feelings eh?

At one time the bullets pelting the side of our house sounded like non-stop thunder. Jacky and Anthony returned fire like there's no tomorrow and at the end of 7 minutes, we won with nary a casualty! Whoohoo!
Afterwards, Alan said it was hell outside and the assault was difficult. Guess we did our jobs well!

Final game was a 'Zombie' type. This is when only head shots count. It doesn't count when you get splattered anywhere else, you're still in the game. Great way to spend all the bullets we have left. Also a great way to experience paintball in all its painful bliss!
Jacky got shot in his arm, fell because of the pain, but still kept getting shot at by Michael because, hey...it's not his head, so he's not eliminated yet! Poor Jacky grimaced in pain afterwards. We can't help but offer him our sincerest...delight! We laughed our asses off! LOL!
Alan loved this last game most because he took 3 people out while on top a tower.

Once everything is over, we had KFC in Kepong with Rachel and Jason (they're a couple, if you didn't guess by now!).

Can't wait till our next paintball game! :-D
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