Continuum - by John Mayer

I've been listening to John Mayer's music since his 'Room For Squares' album...since college time...since two of my college mates were totally crazy into his music. Mr. Mayer's latest album Continuum might be his third album but it's...oh wow! I love it!

While his earlier efforts had been quite good with impressive guitar playing and truly sweet lyrics that would melt any girl's heart, this album sees him finally maturing with fantastic results!

I was first pulled to his latest album when I heard the catchy 'Waiting on the World to Change' on my car radio so I went looking for the latest John Mayer CD. This first track is still catchy and almost feel-good even though the political message it contains is quite poignant. A note for those of you who think the lyrics are about encouraging cowardice and is not! He is using irony as a subtle form of protest...

This album is full of blues, soul and folk-tinged music even though Mayer's pop roots are still there. Not as if that's a bad thing at all!

I especially like the warmth of 'The Heart Of Life' and the calm reassurance that despite everything, life is still good. Probably an appropriate song to listen to when you're feeling blue.

And then there's 'Stop This Train', listening to it is like living all of life's bittersweetness all in the time and space of 4 minutes and 45 seconds. Absolutely gorgeous when you have a good set of speakers, a deep throw sub-woofer and a dark breezy room to sit in. Which I did, as I leaned back and look at KLCC's twin towers on a clear cool night.

The bluesy 'Gravity' sounds and feels very much like an Eric Clapton song. Simple but heartfelt lyrics accompanied by simple chord progression and a subdued gospel texture in the background makes this a true blues gem!

'Bold as Love' is Mayer's cover of a Jimi Hendrix song. Though his voice might not have Hendrix's edge, this is obviously Mayer saying, "look! I'm a damn fine guitarist! You hear me?!". And I agree... :)

I can certainly write a paragraph for each song on this album but restraint is probably in order here. You probably know all too surely by now that I'm bubbly about this album! Hehe!

Anyway, let me put the loop on and listen to another round of John Mayer....Goodnight!
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