The Merry Public Penises and Pussycats

Here's a fascinating read.

A confessional and ranting essay by journalist David Simon. It's good to be reminded that ethics do exist even if his views might be a tiny voice drowned by all the orgiastic moans and groans of scandal.

My personal thoughts would be that yellow journalism will always be prevalent but we should pause, step-back and look at the circus from a saner viewpoint. Just long enough to choke on more laughter.

My sympathies goes out to the collateral damage. The cheated-upon spouses, the crying children, the disappointed relatives and friends. Poor them!

None however, goes out to the public figures or stakeholders who participated in the fuck-fest.
You chose the career of celebrityhood even if you're a public servant.  Expect no privacy.
You will be judged, fairly and unfairly no matter what you do or don't do. And thanks to the Internet, judged by the whole wide world!
Sorry, you bought it, now pay for it.

Your life is an open book the moment you chose to court attention. There ain't no such thing as 'balance' between decency and ascendancy.

As such, your failings and where your private(-less?) parts have been 'in' is fair game for our entertainment. We enjoy watching you get naughty and then burn for your transgressions against society's hypocritical mores.

That is, if you got caught. If not, I'm sure that jealous mistress of yours will oops! leak it out to the media when the time is right anyway. No mistress? Then you'd better hope for a relative in debt, opportunistic friend or career-rival. You know, those sorts...

Scandals are the most addictive and viral reality shows of all time! We spectate because we feel better than these people who are more successful than us. Reality shows make us feel superior. It's showbiz!

Got dirt on Petraeus/Broadwell, McAfee/17-yr-old hookers, Alvin Tan/Vivian Lee, Ajib/Altantuya? Bring 'em on!

Feed the frenzy of my schadenfreude shark!

The world economy is kinda bringing us all down.
So, thank you for making us laugh and giving us something to joke about with our friends over the water-cooler or at the gym.
Don't take it too hard. It's just vaudeville for the rest of us.
Soon you'll be forgiven. Then your books will fly off the shelves and your phone will ring non-stop with requests for interviews. And then you'll be forgotten.

Next scandal please!
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