The Girl of My Dreams

Last night I was travelling the villages of Malaysia's west coast. Admiring the greenery and overflowing bunds of the fields. 

Then there was a colonial building beside the road and I went inside. The place was filled with all sorts of knick-knacks to be sold and when I looked up saw that the ceiling was really high with bird nests and sleeping bats and daylight streaming from tiny windows.

I continued walking and the back opened out to the sea. There was a jetty and some people were on it and there she was...jogging. She came past me and smiled. I smiled back out of reaction. She, petite long black frilly haired. Me, kinda sorta feeling light and happy. I said hi, she said hi back, wanna join me? I said ok.

We ran down the length of the jetty, there was this tall white modern hotel with blue glassed windows beside it. The air is really salty now. At the end of the breezy jetty was stairs down. We walked down. The water rather calm and people were swimming in it. Wasn't deep could see the sand. There were fish.

We were sweaty and I mentioned that looks nice to swim in. We took off our clothes and went in. Someone put a portable TV at the edge. Manta rays swam up to watch it. We held hands in the coolness.

That night we had satay lit only by kerosene lamp. 

I asked her how she found this place. I couldn't remember what she said. 
She asked me how I found this place. I told her a friend wrote about it and the photos looked nice.

She asked me where I got this welt on the arm from. I told her it's from paintball and described how painful it is. But fun! She said she liked blowing hundreds of soap bubbles into the sun.
And we talked and laughed the night away. 

I woke up feeling rather sad she's not real.
I must write this down before I forget it all.
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