A Fundamental Need

My friend Jacky moved into a newly renovated house and in all this excitement decided to get a dog. Perhaps he wanted the companionship when living alone for the time being.

Two weeks ago he got himself a female labrador from the PAWS kennel organization. The dog however, is already rather sickly with tick disease and some hip/joint diseases. Lionel and I questioned the wisdom of paying for such a pet as there will be an additional medical cost just to heal the poor creature.

Knowing Jacky, he probably took a look at the pitiful Labrador and felt the savior. Jacky is the kind of sympathetic soul who could never refuse any request from beggars or people asking for charitable contributions especially when we are seated at a table trying to eat our meal outdoor. I am more cynical and skeptical, contributing only when I feel like it. Most of the time I find such approaches annoying and rude.

Anyway, since the dog contracted the disease from some other dogs within the kennel it might be good to just rescue the pooch away from the depressing conditions at the place. They named the dog Lula. (at least it isn't Lulu!)

The first few nights Lula was kept at the vet's but despite medication, the test results didn't seem to show much of a good response. Eventually she was brought back to Jacky's house.

The following days would see Jacky constantly worried as to the labrador's health and lack of appetite. He was always trying to force feed the bitch because she won't eat. The poor animal must've felt frustrated and maybe even a little worse. Sure enough most of the liquid food was just vomitted out in the end.

I look at Lula's eyes and it didn't look promising. I know labradors are gentle in nature but Lula gave me a look that she has given up. You can literally see the pain she's going through.
I didn't say anything to Jacky but knew it was just a matter of time. Just keep praying and leave the rest to God I suppose...

Lula the Labrador died sometime last night. I was awoken by a text from Jacky early this morning announcing that. He and his fiancee are saddened.
So I took him to church liturgical service in the afternoon, after he has buried Lula, to pray for the creature's soul. I won't go into the philosophical or theological arguments of whether animals have souls but i had hoped such thoughts would provide a little comfort for mourning.

"All dogs go to heaven", I told him. "at least Lula didn't die in that kennel..she died with people who loved and cared for her. A little dignity perhaps?"

So here's a thought I have now: "we are all meant to love. Even if the focus of our love won't last or won't be with us for long, love is always worthwhile."

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