To Be Unpretentious

A lot of my fellow schoolmates have recently re-connected via the magic of Facebook lately. Now while there have been suggestions to meet in person but mostly this re-union of sorts is more of a virtual happening because a lot of us are living and working far apart geographically. Of course, I also suspect that some of us just aren't too enthusiastic about actually meeting in the first place. Time has made acquaintances out of us all...

So what sort of 're-connection' are we talking about here? Mostly comments flying back and forth...reminiscing about the good old times (though I didn't see them as such great times anyway).

A common thread of these comments is concerned about how 'legendary' or infamous this person or that person was, back in school days. And this made me stop and think, was I exceptional and outstanding? Answer: not really.
Does this bother me at all? Answer: no, not really.

While I understand that society feeds on larger than life personalities and gossip is so easy, I am fine with not craving such regards among men. I'm pretty sure some people do remember me and could even call out my full name, correctly pronounced, one day out of the blue in public. And that is enough satisfaction for me!

I'm sure we are all special in our own right and that's why I will be content living a life of quiet greatness instead of loud celebrityhood.

Perhaps achieving success in life shouldn't be measured simply by only a few standards. The myth is that this must be achieved as soon as possible, get rich quick! That way you can have more years in your life to savor your success. Often, people who achieve such wealth and success early don't live long though. Witness the sad lives of child stars such as Michael Jackson.

Perhaps this is like gold mining in the olden days.
The old fashioned method of extracting gold ore from the dirt is to sway and swerve a panful of water and get to the good stuff!

Patience is needed to live life...

I see a lot in me and will continue to pan at my character until I see gold. So dishearten not all you common folks out there! You can achieve greatness too! Just takes time and not necessarily the glare of fame.
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