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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Malaysia, My Malaysia...
Click the link above to read an article by Karim Raslan, published in
In these times of political turmoil, things can get a bit worrying but these are reassuring words, that we must keep this on...We must think for ourselves and vote based on reason.

Mr. Raslan also voiced out what's on my mind all this while...That we must be vigilant of who we select as our representatives in government. The danger of over-idolizing someone and making him seem like a 'savior' is always present. Nobody is perfect, and nobody is truly honest and capable at the same time!

The way I see it, Anwar Ibrahim's real challenge is not just getting that 30 extra seats in Parliament to gain majority, but how to make PKR's component parties united. PAS and DAP together?? That's the challenge! Or is Anwar *only* occupied with the task of making himself Prime Minister?

The Rakyat must be vigilant...Who is the real Anwar Ibrahim? He is no savior...just a flawed human being out for revenge against the people and to a lesser extent, the system that wronged him.
We need to find out if he truly is a changed man...and what are his future plans and promises? Perhaps I am not as well informed as I should, but so far I have yet heard of any truly good promises from Anwar. So far he did not offer any viable plan for the country's future.
He may keep his plan to gain power a secret, but what promises did he offer to improve the country's running after he gains power?

These are exciting and dangerous times indeed! But change is inevitable and truly needed. So tread carefully people....THINK! and do not get sidelined by the unimportant issues. We cannot afford to be tricked by distractions and be manipulated by our fears ANY party.

This is our it or not, you're going be here for a long not leave it without at least fighting for justice and reason. If you do migrate, hey! with that attitude, it won't be long before this planet is destroyed and you'll want to leave this dustball too!

Leaving without doing something to save the situation seems a bit cowardly and defeatist to me. A true citizen of a modernly governed state must strive for democracy. Nevermind that democracy is imperfect and widely misunderstood. Strive for it!

Democracy is not *just* about ruling by majority!
Democracy is not *just* about having elections (or as a former Chief Information Minister would pronounce it 'erection') every four years!

Democracy is about the people, citizens...the rakyat...ruling themselves! No one, no politician, not even the Deputy Prime Minister, should be able to threaten the rakyat!

The arrogance and mismanagement of and by these 'elected' people must be corrected. THEY work for the rakyat...THEY should fear the rakyat...THEY must not censor the rakyat's voice!
In theory, elected representatives are supposed to be the rakyat's voice, but what happens when they aren't?
Answer: The Rakyat kick them off their posts!!!

Power to the people!
Happy Merdeka Malaysians!
Let me end by quoting a great American statesman. Their founding fathers did put a heckuva lot of thought into government and democracy....

It is error alone which needs the support of government.
Truth can stand by itself.
Thomas Jefferson
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Hear hear -- I'm glad to see your opinions mark that no politician is a savior. The common joke in the states is to call Obama "Barrack Apollo Obama" and "the chosen one". Funny, but he uses these comments about pushing back the seas, etc. and it sounds ridiculous. Both sides often just throw rhetoric at each other and never tell the people exactly what they are going to do once they gain power. I sometimes wonder when the last real leader actually took charge in America, and wasn't just a politician seeking fame. Maybe that's the consequence of government run by capitalism, you can't run for office without being wealthy, and wealth separates you from the problems of the average long before you become completely incapable of representing the people you claim to be representing? Anyway...soapbox off, you should continue to post on Malaysian issues and keep us 'outsiders' updated on what's happening in the rest of our beautiful 'dustball' of a world ;)
Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:31 PM  
Hey thanks for reading about this little country called Malaysia!

Yes, there is a danger in over-idolising or hero-worshipping politicians and leaders. However when times are tough and the people are desperate, it's really hard to fault them for supporting anyone offering wonderful promises.

Frankly, even though there is a lot of discussion on principles and ethics of proper government, the average Malaysian citizen just wants a wealthy and prosperous government.
To hell with being civilized and politically mature! They just want a government that can handle the economy well in tough times. Unfortunately, not even the current administration is up to par in that regard!

Change does not come easily. And I fear sacrifices might be necessary to affect change for the better.
Blogger Kenny, at 9:48 PM  
Oh where, oh where
Could our Kenny have gone?
Oh where, oh where can he be?
It's now late November
And I'm singing this song
'Cause this blog's become dusty!

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