Singlism and Matrimania in Everyday Life

An article on how society unjustifiably biases against single people. Why does the media promote married life as the end all and be all of happiness?

Perhaps it's a chicken and egg issue. Are most single people miserable because they're assaulted by media and peer pressure telling them they should be miserable? Or is society blaring that fact out just to add salt to an open wound of a reality?

Single people like me would just wish to be left alone (hah!) and not be reminded of our singlehood at every moment by annoying idiots and advertisements as if singlehood is some horrible affliction akin to leprosy!

There's life beyond being tied down to a partner who might or might not be your 'soulmate'. When sex is more of a distraction and annoyance it might be a good idea to evolve into bdelloid rotifers. Now rotifers....those are tough mofos! Resilient and "to hell with sex!"...they say!

Enough ranting for now...let me mosey into the living room and turn on some Natasha Bedingfield.
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