My word game addict (made me play online Scrabble with him) of a friend Derek introduced me to this fun and yet noble website.

The game is simple enough. Just select the meaning of the word displayed. Each time you choose correctly 10 grains of rice are donated to the United Nations World Food Program.

The objective of this website is two fold:
1. Improve the web visitor's vocabulary and
2. Donate food to the hungry of the world.

How this is achieved is that by making a fun, addictive and easy to play word game people will tend to re-visit the website and spread news of its existence by word of mouth, which is what Derek did. Also what I'm attempting to do here by talking about it on my blog.

When web traffic increases, this means the folks who run the website can then sell 'eyeballs' to corporate business who would agree to advertise on this website. Thankfully the ads are unobtrusive and brand names. Revenues from this advertising will then be donated in the form of rice grains to the United Nations.

This is a good thing for everyone!

Thus proving the best ideas are the also the simplest ones.

Now go play the game!
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