BioFuel production is an Environmental Disaster
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We are destroying our planet!
Duh! You might say...While global warming and the El Nino effect will create extreme hot weather in this part of the world, how many of us Malaysians realize that we are just clearing too much rainforests and peatland away?

Take a look at the world map. A simple visual observation will show you how small this country is in terms of surface area compared to...say, one single country like India, or Australia or heck! even one single state say...the state of Florida in the USA.
Now imagine how Malaysia would look and feel like without greenery.

According to this New York times article, Malaysia and Indonesia are clearing peatland and rainforests to meet with the high demand for 'environmentally friendly' biofuel...namely palm oil.

The problem is instead of reducing carbon emissions by burning biofuel the production of it actually releases more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere!

As a result, Indonesia is ranked as the third-leading producer of carbon emissions after the United States and China.

Remember the haze folks? That's a visual sign of carbon emissions. They burn forests to make way for palm trees!

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