We Are All Time Travelling Hazardously After All

I've hated all the characters that Aubrey Plaza has played so far. That is until I've seen her in 'Safety Not Guaranteed'.

Don't get me wrong, she's a hot nerd chick but her Julie Powers in the Scott Pilgrim movie is very hateable. I've to confess I haven't seen her much in Parks and Recreation though.

She plays pretty much the same bitchy bitter sarcastic type in 'Safety' but her Darius in this movie is so well fleshed out we finally get to sympathize with her.

This movie is about a journalist Jeff (Jake Johnson) and two interns, one of which is Plaza's Darius, investigating an ad seeking a time travel companion.
It says:
WANTED: Someone to go back in time with me. This is not a joke. You'll get paid after we get back. Must bring your own weapons. I have only done this once before. SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED.

Anyone familiar with Internet memes will recognize this as an actual ad put up in the '90s. You can read all about that real and fascinating story here.

The movie uses it as a device to springboard into a story about time travel, nostalgia, regret and longing for the ability to fix things and be with a loved one.

The three of them found and made contact with the person who put up the ad. This person is a lonely grocery store clerk named Kenneth (played believably by Mark Duplass) who is more than the loser you'd make him out to be at first.
Soon, Darius and Kenneth connected because they are kindred spirits.

Now here the movie proves it understands the introverts and wallflowers who walks in our society. These are awkward, weird and even a little bit scary folks but deep down inside they are sincerely good and just like everyone else, wants very much to love.

There's more but I'm afraid you'll have to actually see the movie to appreciate how touching the core of each character's motives are. Especially notable is the supporting side-plot of how Jeff, the senior journalist, tries to hook-up with an old flame only to realize several truths about what-could've-beens and experience his own loss.

The movie might be marketed as an outright screwball comedy but it isn't. While it has quirky witty laughs it is mainly a simple but honest love story. It accords respect to even the creepy ones amongst us without demonizing the beautiful 'normal' folks.

A good time travel yarn is wonderfully entertaining and I've yet to hunt down at least two more other movies. Namely "Primer" and "Happy Accidents".

'Safety Not Guaranteed' reminds me of why I enjoy indie movies so much and it is a welcome addition to my list of favorite time travel stories that I've inflicted upon the world in October 2012.

As for Aubrey Plaza...hope to see more of her. Can't wait for her upcoming movie to arrive. The title of that movie?
"The Hand Job".
Intrigued yet?
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